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Infra Theme is Gaining Ground

After having registered losses, infrastructure theme is looking up now

I bought some units of Tata Infrastructure Fund and am holding them for the last two years. It has fallen a lot, but has now gained 50 per cent. What should I do?
You should hold Tata Infrastructure Fund for some time. This fund had registered a major fall during the downturn. Had you looked at the fund three months back you would have felt a major disappointment. The fund has recovered smartly during the current bull run, so, I don’t think a two-year-old investment will be reeling under a heavy loss. The infrastructure theme is gaining ground again and the kind of momentum the market has achieved, the fund should recover smartly.

If you have been disheartened in a major way from this investment, then you should invest with a specific return target. Once a target return is fulfilled over your investment, you must withdraw it.


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