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Close-ended Funds

Deepak Kharbanda wants to know if he can invest in close ended funds after the NFO period

Can I invest in some close ended mutual funds like JM Core 11 Series 1 after the NFO period? If yes, how can I do that? What will be the complication (like lock in period) after investment?
—Deepak Kharbanda

Closed ended funds, by their very nature are open for subscription only during the new fund offer period. However these funds do offer an exit window at periodic intervals. Some closed ended funds which do not offer an exit window are listed on the exchange (like Franklin India Capital Protection Plan ) so that investors can try to redeem their investment if there is a buyer for the same. One can buy or sell units of a closed end fund anytime, if it is listed on any recognized exchange and is being traded. JM Core 11 Fund is not going to list on any exchange and hence you cannot buy units of this fund after the new fund period.

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