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Behavioural traps investors must avoid

Behavioural economics suggests that to master the art of investing, you need to first understand your psychology. In spite of our better judgment, we are all predisposed to think and act in certain ways. While as an investor you might know a good deal about how to pick the right stocks, your subconscious habits could pull you back from mastering the art. This is because our behavioural biases often drive us to behave irrationally, and prevent us from making the right moves. So what are these behavioural constraints, and how exactly do they impact your investments? Is there a way to overcome them? Join us in the next webinar of Value Investing as we answer these questions and talk about some of the most common behavioural obstacles for a value investor. Register now!

By Dhirendra Kumar and Nilesh Shetty  |   28-Sep-2019