Franklin India High Growth Companies | Value Research After a while we have a new fund offering on the equity side from this AMC. The new fund offer will be open between May 31 and June 29
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Franklin India High Growth Companies

Franklin Templeton has come out with a new offering - Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund. An open-end diversified equity fund that seeks to achieve capital appreciation through investments in Indian companies/sectors with high growth rates or potential.

The fund's focus will be on companies offering the best trade-off between growth, risk and valuation. The fund manager will be looking for sustainable competitive advantages - proprietary intellectual property, strong management, distribution/cost advantages or entry barriers specific to the respective sector. The fund will be managed based on a mix of top-down (macro analysis to identify sectors) and bottom up approach (micro analysis to pick stocks within these sectors).

Between 70% to 100% of the portfolio allocation will be in equities and equity-linked instruments. Debt securities, securitised debt and money market instruments will comprise 0% to 30% of the portfolio.

A maximum of 35% of the net assets of the scheme can be invested in foreign securities while exposure to derivatives can go up to a maximum of 50%.

Issue opens: May 31, 2007
Issue closes: June 29, 2007
Options: Growth, Dividend Reinvestment, Dividend Payout
Cost per unit: Rs 10
Minimum investment: Rs 5,000
Fund Managers: K N Sivasubramanian, Anand Radhakrishnan
Entry load: 2.25%
Exit load: 0.5% for redemption within 6 months of allotment

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