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Templeton's Equity fund simplify loads

Templeton Mutual Fund has simplified the load structure in three equity funds;- Templeton India Growth Fund (TIGF) , Franklin India Growth Fund (FIGF) , Franklin India Balanced Fund (FIBF) . The same comes in effect from July 1, 2001.

While the entry load in all the three funds have been waived totally, the exit load would be 2% in TIGF & FIGF each and 1% in FIBF on the investments pulled out within one year.

Currently, TIGF and FIGF charge an entry load of 2% for investment below Rs 2 lakh, 1% for investments equal to or more than Rs 2 lakh but less than Rs 25 lakh and no load beyond. On the other hand, FIBF charges entry load of 1%, 0.5%, 0% on amounts less than Rs 2 lakh, from Rs 2 lakh to less than Rs 25 lakh and for amounts equal to or above Rs 25 lakh respectively.