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A Consistent Performer

ING Vysya Liquid fund was launched in December 1999, but it was only after 2001 when the fund started showing remarkable performance figures

Beginning of year 2002 also marked a change in the fund manager. Since then the fund has been consistently able to generate above average returns in the category.

The fund's expenses have been on the rise in the past two-and-a-half years. As on March 31, 2005 the fund charged expenses to the tune of 0.7 per cent, more than the category average of 0.62. The average maturity of the debt instruments has also shown a rise in 2005, thereby depicting the rise in the risk levels of the fund. The fund's portfolio is largely made up of the AAA rated debt instruments that constitute 59.16 per cent of the net assets as on April 29, 2005 and close to 38 per cent is invested in call money market. Corporate debts with a rating of AA and below constitute only 2.86 per cent. One of the new constituents in its portfolio declared on April 29, 2005 are the Debentures of ICICI Bank which constitute a whopping 34.5 per cent of the fund's assets. Gilts have been absent from the fund's portfolio since June 2004. Overall the fund has been a consistent performer and can be relied upon for your short-term needs.