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ABN AMRO Opportunities Fund's IPO Opens Tomorrow

Yet another equity mutual fund is set to hit the market, this time from ABN AMRO Mutual Fund. The ABN AMRO Opportunities Fund's IPO would open on March 9 and continue till March 30.

The fund would have the flexibility to invest in companies across all ranges of market capitalisation. It carries an option to invest in foreign equities, ADR/GDR up to 25 per cent and take exposure to derivatives for hedging and portfolio balancing of up to 50 per cent of the corpus. The fund will also have the flexibility to allocate up to 35 per cent of its assets to debt and money market instruments.

An entry load of 2.25 per cent would be applicable on investments less than Rs 5 crore. No entry load would be levied beyond that. Also, the fund won't charge any entry load for a switch-in from ABM AMRO Equity Fund into the scheme.

ABN AMRO Opportunities Fund will be benchmarked against BSE 200 index.