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Systematic Investing Made Easy

ING Vysya's Valuepac promises to make mutual funds investment more convenient and encourage disciplined-investing habit

One of the basic premises of investing in mutual funds is the convenience they offer. To make it even simpler, fund houses are now offering Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) whereby one can switch or transfer a fixed amount of money at regular intervals from a debt schemes to an equity scheme. The latest to join the bandwagon is ING Vysya Mutual Fund, which has launched a similar kind of product called Valuepac.

Valuepac allows investors to park their money in ING Vysya Liquid plan, earning them market returns till the money gets transferred, in 12 instalments, to the recently launched ING Vysya Domestic Opportunities fund. This sophisticated strategy has been simplified to just two signatures: One on the form and the other on the cheque. Every investor here will get an Investor Card, which will carry your account number. You can present this card at any customer care centre whenever you require any service or assistance regarding your investments. Valuepac is available in four denominations and investors can choose to invest Rs 12,000, Rs 24,000 or Rs 48,000, which then gets subsequently invested into ING Vysya Domestic Opportunities fund. For the investors who prefer to invest any other sum, they can use the Apna Choice pack. Valuepac or a STP is similar to a systematic investment plan (SIP), except that in a SIP the investment flows from a bank account into the fund but here it flows from one scheme to another. Thus, it takes away the headache of writing number of cheques. It's a good move by the ING Vysya Mutual fund and is expected to encourage discipline-investing habit. Also, it will protect investors from the natural tendency to time the market, which is near impossible.