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Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund Launches Kotak Opportunities Fund

Kotak Mahindra MF has launched a diversified equity fund called Kotak Opportunities. The IPO period for the scheme is from July 27 to August 25 and continuous offer on the fund will be available on or before September 23. There is an entry load of 2.25 per cent on investments below Rs 2 crore. Moreover, an exit load of 1 per cent will be levied only in case investments through RIF are redeemed within a year from the date of purchase. In all other cases there would be no exit load. The minimum amount of investment required in the fund would be Rs 5,000.

The fund will invest 65-95 per cent of its assets in Equity and Equity-related securities while the rest of the corpus would be invested in Debt and Money Market securities. The fund would be available to the investors under 3 plans – Growth, Dividend Payout and Dividend Reinvestment.