Investors' Journeys Mutual Fund Insight - Mar 2024

Going for broke

Financial security may not come as easily as it seems

Going for broke | Empowering single mom's investment journeyAnand Kumar

My friend referred me to her cousin, Anjali (name changed), who needed some help with her investments. Anjali had faced many hardships in her life. She was divorced, had one-year-old twins to raise and lived in a rented apartment. At the time, she had a job at a creative agency, which, although stable, was not secure. Anjali leaned on her elderly mother for help with the household chores. However, since Anjali's mother was too old to care for the toddlers, she had no option but to depend on domestic workers. As a result, most of Anjali's salary went into keeping the maids happy so that she could keep her job.

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