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What are the best Nifty index funds?

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Rajesh Gangwani wants to know the best Nifty index funds.

Hello Mr Gangwani! There are certain criteria to consider before going for an index fund. Ashutosh Gupta from Value Research has aptly described this in a video. Watch it here.

Manda D Trivedi asks how to get gains of each individual SIP in My Investments?

My Investments is an awesome investment tracker. To your query, the answer is pretty simple. Just click on the 'Overview' tab in My Investments and check the gain/loss for each fund that you have invested in. Also, by clicking on the 'Transactions' tab, you can get the list of all of your transactions in mutual funds, whether they are SIPs or lump sums.

An anonymous person asks that his/her SCSS account will mature on July 7, 2022 and he/she has not yet submitted form B for extension (due to ignorance). Can he/she again open a new SCSS account after maturity?

Hello Mr/Mrs Anonymous! Recently, we did a story where we answered this query. You can read it here. Hope this helps!

Rishi Kumar wants to invest Rs 70,000 per month in mutual funds via the SIP route. He is more of an aggressive investor and wants to invest for a longer timeline (anywhere around 15 to 30 years). He wants to invest in aggressive wealth building, which can help in ways like retirement or a kid's marriage. For both activities, he has at least 20 years of time. He wants to know how and in which mutual funds to invest

Greetings Mr Kumar! Like we always say - keep it simple. You need not make your portfolio complex. If you are a first time investor, you can go for aggressive hybrid funds, and if you have some experience in investing, then you can opt for flexi-cap funds. Dhirendra Kumar addresses the query perfectly in this video. Watch it here.

Alternatively, you can check out Value Research's portfolio planner. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions and VOILA! You will get a ready-made list of suggested funds, customised as per your needs and goals.

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