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Should one opt for funds suggested by Portfolio Planner or Analysts' Choice?

Ashutosh Gupta differentiates between Portfolio Planner and Analysts' Choice and explains which tool to use for your investing needs.

I am a Value Research Premium subscriber. Should I go for the set of funds suggested by the Portfolio Planner or choose from the ones shown in the Analysts' Choice section?
- Raghunath Seth

Well, the funds are not different across the two. As suggestions by the Portfolio Planner, what you get are funds picked from the Analysts' Choice list by our algorithms. So the point is that a more discerning investor, who can build his portfolio on his own, can look at the Analysts' Choice list where we provide a list of 40-45 funds which are good enough to build a portfolio for just about any investing need.

So it greatly adds value by taking away the stress of having to sift through hundreds of funds across several categories that mutual funds have to offer and presenting this concise list of 40-45 funds. These are classified into five to seven buckets which are investor centric and classified according to different investing needs. So taken together, this list simplifies the job of picking suitable funds for an investor. But those who find even this confusing and want further hand-holding can use the Portfolio Planner tool whereby answering a few objective questions, they get a set of fund suggestions.

So broadly, you can feel free to use the Analysts' Choice list to build your portfolio. But for algorithm-driven sets of suggestions come to Portfolio Planner.

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