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Should I stick with Kotak Standard Multicap fund?

The fund may be going through a lean patch, but so do all funds. It is still a good choice, suggests Dhirendra Kumar

I have been doing an SIP of Rs.10,000 per month in Kotak Standard Multicap Direct fund for the last two years for a time horizon of 15 years. This fund isn't doing good as compared to other multicap funds. Should I stick to this fund or change my fund?
- Richa Singhania

I disagree with your opinion. I think Kotak Standard Multicap fund, though it has turned big, given its strategy, it's not going to be a disadvantage. So carry on. The best of funds will have a lean period when they will not do well as compared to others. But I still feel that Kotak Standard Multicap is a good fund and you should carry on.

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