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Where should an NRI invest Rs 1.5 lakh monthly in the long term?

One can choose about two good multi-cap funds and keep investing, says Dhirendra Kumar

From an NRI perspective, if someone can put RS 1.5 lakh per month aside for mutual fund investments with a time horizon of more than 10 years, what are the options available? I'm 45 with no immediate cash requirement. My existing investments are in real estate only.
- Chandra

For Rs 1.5 lakh per month, you can choose about two good multi-cap funds and keep investing. I think it will translate into something substantial if you are regular with it for the next 10 years and if you don't get distracted by the market situation.

You will see one or two markets cycles during these 10 years like the markets may get overly excited or multiply many times or it may crumble by 40-50 per cent in a brief period. It is during those times that most investors are driven out of the market. Stay the course, draw a plan, and review your investments every year.

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