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Should I book losses in ABSL Pure Value Fund?

Dhirendra Kumar advises those investors who are feeling the pinch of investing in the fund

I've invested in ABSL Pure Value which is in about 35 per cent loss. Should I book the loss and move to some other fund as a part of portfolio rebalancing?
- Arun Ramachandran

Value strategy has been a test of patience and value funds have been extremely disappointing across the board. ABSL Pure Value Fund was a very small fund and was almost dormant in the size of about Rs.100 crore for quite some time. Suddenly, it just went ballistic and many investors started chasing it and making big. This is a classic case of a fund doing very well in a narrow time period and investors chasing that and getting disappointed. I would say that you should cut your losses here and spread it across your remaining portfolio.

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