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Should I continue to hold on to my investments?

Dhirendra Kumar suggests continuing with your long-term investments

The value of my mutual fund portfolio has fallen below my investment cost. Also, it's not possible for me to continue my SIPs. Should I continue to hold on to my investments for the next 7-10 years to recover my investment costs and get decent returns?
- Radna

Yes, without a doubt. I'm hopeful that with a time frame of 7-10 years, you will be able to make decent returns, besides covering your cost. And if there is any disruption in your income stream and you are discounting your SIPs, then it's quite understandable. But if you are getting scared by the decline in the market and you have just been put off by the magnitude of the decline, then please don't do that. Further, if you can scale down your SIPs, then do so and continue with your investments. This is because by continually buying at these times, you will be able to lower your average cost of acquisition. You have bought at high times, then there is no point to deprive yourself of the benefit of lower prices.

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