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Should I move out of mid-cap funds?

Don't get distracted by market movements, as these things are difficult to estimate, says Dhirendra Kumar

With the fall in markets, I've noticed that mid and small caps have fallen more than large caps. I have investments in five multi-cap funds and two mid-cap funds - Kotak Emerging Equity and HDFC Mid-cap Opportunities Fund. Should I move out of these mid caps and move to multi caps or continue my SIPs in mid-cap funds?
- Sanjeev

The mid- and small-cap segments of the market are like that only - they fall more when the markets fall and they race back much faster when the outlook changes. So, I would say that if you're not greatly upset, you have time on your side and you are disciplined with your investments through these times, then carry on and don't get distracted with these market movements, as these things are very difficult to anticipate.

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