Your questions answered | Value Research Unable to find a feature which you used on the older version of Value Research Online? Here's help!
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Your questions answered

Unable to find a feature which you used on the older version of Value Research Online? Here's help!

Your questions answered

Fund Dividends
Where to find the daily information about Dividend declared by various mutual funds along with effective date?
You can get the complete list of declared dividends from our Forthcoming Dividends tool. To see a listing of all tools available of Value Research Online, click here.

Fund Compare
Where can I find the Fund Compare tool which was there in the previous version of VRO?
Fund Compare is currently unavailable on the new website but you can expect to get it by Friday, 28 December 2019. It will be placed in the Fund Tools section.

Portfolio snapshot view
There was Snapshot View in the earlier version of My Portfolio. Where can I find it in the new version?
The 'My Portfolio' has been renamed to 'My Investments' on the new website. There's an Overview section within My Investments which is same as the Snapshot view of the earlier version. Click here to view it.

Market update
I miss the old Market Update where I could see the daily performance of BSE Mid Cap and BSE Small Cap indices.
Market Update is available on the homepage right under the main stories. The updates returns of S&P BSE Sensex and S&P BSE 500 are visible upfront but you can click on "Go to Updates" to get the data for all prominent equity indices, including the S&P BSE Mid Cap and S&P BSE Small Cap. Here's the link to the complete table:

Your questions answered

Fully sold holdings
I'm surprised to see that the new My Investments section is even showing the holdings which I had completely exited long back. Why is that so?
My Investments section provides you complete flexibility to see your current and past holdings the way you want to. You can set your preferences from the 'Change Settings' drop-down menu where you can choose whether or not you want to include the impact of fully sold holdings in return calculations, and if yes, whether you want those holdings to be visible in the tables or remain hidden.

Do note the other options available in this menu which can be customized as per your preferences.

Your questions answered

Uploading MS Excel file
The option to upload transactions in the portfolio through an MS excel file is not available in the new version. Will that be made available?
Yes, it will be available soon.

Fund Selector
In the older version of Fund Selector, there were fixed tabs for Snapshot, Returns, etc. But in the new version, why aren't there any such fixed tabs?
In the new Fund Selector, you have the 'Customize Column' option from where you have the option to choose several variables which were earlier spread across different tabs. The idea is to provide you the option to pull together all columns relevant to you in a single view to facilitate better comparison, instead of requiring you to visit multiple tabs.

Once you make your selection from the Customize Column window, your chosen columns load by default every time you return to the Fund Selector. So you need not customize again and again.

Your questions answered

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