10 Great Twitter accounts for investors to follow

Following these 10 Twitter handles is a great way to learn and stay updated as you invest

10 Great Twitter accounts for investors to follow

Nobody invests in a vacuum. Every investor is guided by certain insights and information that he has sought out or which has come his way. Having a good investment philosophy is the key to success, as is having the right information. Following other investors and thought leaders is a good way to stay in the loop as you work on developing your own investment style and strategy. Here are 10 great Twitter handles to get you started.

1. @Iamsamirarora
Samir Arora

Tweets: 10.5K
Following: 44
Likes: 154
Followers: 412K

Why Follow Samir Arora
Samir Arora is the founder and fund manager at Helios Capital. Before starting Helios, Arora was the Head of Asian Emerging Markets at Alliance Capital Management, Singapore. Arora's twitter account features his observations on the markets, the economy and also his everyday life, often with a humorous bent. His track record as an astute fund manager and his sharp-witted remarks have earned him a loyal following. The tweets published here are examples of the kind of useful yet entertaining insights he posts.

1. Why are we still worrying about surcharge on capital gains?
For that one precondition is capital gains. — Samir Arora (@Iamsamirarora) August 5, 2019

2. How is it grey area if co announces that big PE is buying stake in sub at huge valuation and later when sub goes public we find that signalled valuation was just a number and PE either has to get fixed return or more shares if its exit is at lower price. — Samir Arora (@Iamsamirarora) August 4, 2019

3. Although it is promoter's responsibility to be transparent to shareholders, the fact is PE funds know that their "good" name is being used to mislead markets & they go along. Instead of bringing in good corp gov, they assist in making the mkt less transaparent in crucial areas — Samir Arora (@Iamsamirarora) August 3, 2019

2. @naval
Naval Ravikant

Tweets: 19.4K
Following: 669
Likes: 112K
Followers: 605K

Why should you follow Naval Ravikant
Naval Ravikant is a lot of things - an angel investor, a stock market investor, a philosopher, and the CEO of AngelList. The tweets below alongside are characteristic of Ravikant's approach to life, investing and managing one's money.

1. Investing well is a skill that everyone can and should learn.

Accreditation rules prevent learning and push people into a small set of "safe" assets, high-priced managers, and into lotteries / gambling.

Rules based on sophistication instead of net worth would lower inequality.— Naval (@naval) August 5, 2019

2. Retirement starts when you stop sacrificing today for some imaginary tomorrow.

You retire by saving up enough money, becoming a monk, or by finding work that feels like play to you. — Naval (@naval) June 12, 2019

3. @rohitchauhan
Rohit Chauhan

Tweets: 2,328
Following: 5
Likes: 972
Followers: 30.8K

Why should you follow Rohit Chauhan
Rohit the founder of RC Capital also writes the popular blog, 'Value Investor India.' His tweets feature valuable bits of insights from his experience investing and his observation of trends in the markets. He also shares his own blog posts which are both accessible and informative. This is definitely one thought-provoking page Indian investors can benefit from following. The posts below provide a glimpse into the principles that underlie Chauhan's approach to investing.

1. 20+ years of investing in private and 8+ years of investing for others and i realize that we criticize ourselves far more than others do. I try to be less harsh on myself, but its not easy. Removing ego from investing is a good start - simple but not easy— Rohit Chauhan (@rohitchauhan) August 6, 2019

2. 2017 was a good time to stress test for risks in your stocks. Hindsight bias ? How about doing it now. Make a list of all types of risks you can think of and then evaluate your positions against Debt risk, customer concentration, management ethics, govt regulation and so on— Rohit Chauhan (@rohitchauhan) August 3, 2019

4. @Vivek_Investor

Tweets: 4867
Following: 40
Likes: 6,999
Followers: 12.4K

Why should you follow Vivek
Vivek started his twitter account only in January last year, and he has managed to earn a decent following for the quality of his posts. With a focus on value, growth and moat investing, his posts help investors stay grounded in what is important. Warren Buffett figures in a big way in a lot of Vivek's posts, which is great because there is no one quite like Buffett for clear-headed investing. Vivek keeps things simple which makes his posts greatly useful to beginner stock investors.

1. If the returns compounded @ 58.49% for 5 years = 10 Baggers.

• If the returns compounded @ 58.49% for 10 years = 100 Baggers.#Numbers #Compounding— Vivek (@Vivek_Investor) August 5, 2019

2. New addition to Murphy's Law: �😊

• When you have fully invested: Market provides a great opportunity.

• When you have enough money:
Stocks always overvalued.#RandomObservation— Vivek (@Vivek_Investor) August 5, 2019

5. @dmuthuk
D. Muthukrishnan

Tweets: 19.9K
Following: 83
Likes: 8,799
Followers: 59.8K

Why should you follow D. Muthukrishnan?

D. Muthukrishnan is a Chennai-based Certified Financial Planner and a practicing personal financial advisor. Passionate about personal finance, investments and financial independence, Muthukrishnan also runs a blog . His tweets provide sensible investing advice to investors. His observations on investor behavior are spot on, and are a great reminder of the need to steer away from the madness that can often take hold of the market. Two things that make @muthuk a great account to follow are one, that he tweets a lot; and two, that his tweets are almost all about being a wise investor (no miscellaneous material). So if you are looking for a page that is very focussed on providing investors with valuable insights into good investing habits, this is a great page. The tweets below capture the general mood of his page.

1. Good companies are for all times, not only for bad times. This one realisation would save you lot of money. Money not lost is money saved.— D.Muthukrishnan (@dmuthuk) August 7, 2019

2. Money problems cannot be solved only by money. It needs change in financial habits.— D.Muthukrishnan (@dmuthuk) August 6, 2019

3. More you make, more you spend; good for the economy.

More you make, more you save; good for the family.

I'm aware that most of us are selfless and keep economy in the top of our mind.— D.Muthukrishnan (@dmuthuk) August 6, 2019

6. @trengriffin

Tren Griffin
Tweets: 53.3K
Following: 353
Likes: 1,069
Followers: 41.5K

Why should you follow Tren Griffin
Tren Griffin is an author and also writes the famous blog 25iq that features business and life lessons on prominent investors and other successful individuals. His most
famous posts are titled "A dozen things I learned from ...," which features the ideas of thinkers and writers Tren has learned from. Here are a few tweets by Tren that provide food for thought. He also offers regular suggestions on how to go about investing.

1. Remember: it is much scarier to say "the market" is down 721.74 points than to say it is down 2.73%! Don't tell them which market you are referring to either!— Tren Griffin (@trengriffin) August 5, 2019

2. Scar: "Sell-side analysts said today that they have sympathy with some of the tactical market concerns."

Mufasa: "What does that even mean? It's like raising a Beyond Meat target by 40% with a neutral rating issued today. Where's the beef? Investors buy a share of a business."— Tren Griffin (@trengriffin) August 5, 2019

7. @jvembuna

Jana Vembunarayanan
Tweets: 3130
Following: 36
Likes: 144
Followers: 16.4K

Why should you follow Jana Vembunarayanan
Jana Vembunarayanan runs a popular investing blog, 'Seeking Wisdom'. Mastering the best of
what other people have already figured out, he talks about mental models, learning, psychology,
books and many more related topics. Jana has also authored A Gentle and Practical Introduction
to Value Investing, which is available on his blog. Here are some of his tweets.

1. Numbers are effects, and a trained mind can reverse engineer the cause. What can we learn from Grace Hopper, Eratosthenes, Warren Buffett, and others on developing numeracy?— Jana V (@jvembuna) July 15, 2019

2. The idea of caring that someone is making money faster than you are is one of the deadly sins. Envy is a really stupid sin because it's the only one you could never possibly have any fun at - Charlie Munger— Jana V (@jvembuna) May 27, 2019

8. @AustinValue
Austin Value Capital

Tweets: 161
Following: 126
Followers: 7,483

Why should you follow Austin Value Capital?
Austin Value Capital does not post as often as some of the other accounts featured here, but what it does put out is extremely useful and exhaustive. Want a compendium of Berkshire Hathaway annual-meeting transcripts from 1994 to 2019? It's here. How about a compendium of everything about Graham, Munger and Schloss? Here. Or Michael Burry and even Keynes? Again, here. Make Austin Value Capital your go-to place for everything written by value managers. It will take you years to finish what is already up. Here are some recent posts

1. Per a follower's request:
All compilations:
All writing/essays:
Performance Evaluation Essay for Famous Value Investors (most popular):— Austin Value Capital (@AustinValue) July 8, 2018

2. Berkshire Transcript compilation updated to include 2019 AGM Transcript ($BRK):— Austin Value Capital (@AustinValue) May 10, 2019

9. @iancassel

Ian Cassel
Tweets: 21.3K
Following: 398
Likes: 14K
Followers: 65.6K

Why should you follow Ian Cassel?
Ian Cassel is a founding partner at MicroCapClub and has plenty to say about investing, stocks, and most especially about investing in mid-, small-, and micro-caps. Ian believes that the key to outsized returns lies in finding great companies early since all great companies start as small companies. This belief lends his tweets their unique focus on small and mid cap companies, which is great for anyone looking for guidance as they scour the markets for great finds.

1. Don't ever assume larger money is smarter money.— Ian Cassel (@iancassel) August 7, 2019

2. Many of the best investors ever started in microcaps.

Many of the best performing stocks ever started as microcaps.

Most of the best performing stocks over the last 10 years came out of the microcap ecosystem.

Finding great companies early has never gone out of style.— Ian Cassel (@iancassel) August 6, 2019

10. @Niraj_dugar
Tweets: 3,473
Following: 129
Likes: 4,690
Followers: 693

Why should you follow Niraj?
Niraj is a Chartered Accountant based in Hyderabad who quit his job earlier this year to pursue his love for reading and learning. Niraj espouses contrarian investing, and the tweets below are taken from a thread of his inspired by some of his readings on the subject.

1. How do you plan to handle emergencies if you do not have adequate emergency fund? What if all your savings are blocked in your provident fund or your mutual fund investments ? What if your employer provided...— Contrarian Living (@Niraj_dugar) August 6, 2019

2. We live with an assumption that we are going to live till 80.

We do meaningless things considering life is long.

Life would change dramatically once we start living with an assumption that we will live till 40 only.

PS - I'm in the first category.— Contrarian Living (@Niraj_dugar) August 4, 2019

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