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What should I do with my investment in midcap funds?

Dhirendra Kumar tells what investors should do as the midcap space is experiencing a downfall

I invested in mid cap funds of HDFC and SBI around a year back. They are at a loss of around 5-6 per cent. What should I do?
-SPS Jain

Yes, there has been a fall in the midcap space. If you didn't invest a lumpsum and opted for the systematic route, then continue with your regular investment. If you invested a lumpsum, then you will have to wait for some time. Midcaps do well but after a number of years. Sometimes, we get this type of disappointment when we invest immediately after seeing a good performance by midcaps, as they are cyclical in nature.

As I always say, you should never invest a lumpsum in equity funds including midcaps. Use the systematic route only.

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