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Should I redeem and repurchase my equity mutual fund investments to avoid LTCG tax?

Dhirendra Kumar tells if it's a good idea to redeem your equity mutual funds because of long-term capital gains tax

Should I redeem and re purchase my equity mutual fund investments after the re imposition of long-term capital gains tax?
- Praveen

Transcript: No. You don't have to do anything of this sort. Your gains till January 31, 2018 are exempt as per the law. Any gain made after that are only liable to long term capital gains tax if realised on or after April 1. Although I am unhappy with the reimposition of LTCG, this will be a very small portion of your gains. So, if your funds are performing well and you are investing regularly, you should not make any changes solely because of the reimposition of long term capital gains tax.

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