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India's 100 most profitable companies

We are back with our much-awaited Profit 100 list. Find out what it entails and what else we have on offer in the latest issue of Wealth Insight

Wealth InsightAfter all is said and done, companies that make higher profits are the most desirable investments. The ability to achieve and maintain a high profit margin is a special quality that smart investors always look for. Read the August 2017 issue of Wealth Insight 'Profit 100' India's Most profitable Companies' for our annual analysis of these companies.

Apart from this special feature, we have a lot more for you in this issue to help you invest better

  • First Page - Dhirendra Kumar: It's a time of low profits and high valuations and even higher hopes. That makes it a tough time to be an equity investor but there is a clear way forward
  • Market Compass:
    • Tracking Prashant Jain: By tracking influential investors, you can get some idea about where to invest now. Here is what HDFC Mutual Fund's CIO and star fund manager Prashant Jain has been buying and selling in the funds that he manages
    • Crazy Small Caps
    • Telltale signs of a failing company
  • Interview: Vikas V Gupta, CEO & Chief Investment Strategist, OmniScience Capital
  • Classroom: Assessing a business lies at the heart of stock investing. Here's how to do it.
  • Vis-a-vis: Here is how Sun TV and Zee Entertainment, two leading media companies in India, stand with respect to each other
  • Main Street: Saurabh Mukherjea writes shows how a weak economy, retrograde social milieu and lack of political leadership are ravaging North India
  • The Chartist: Devangshu Datta The dynamics of the Indian oil-and-gas sector and how it can be affected by an uncertain global scenario
  • Straight Talk: Anand Tandon about the next white revolution. With the formalisation of the dairy industry over the next few years, long-term investors stand to gain
  • Generally Speaking: Vivek Kaul writes that with GST, India is Getting Serious about Taxes
  • Stock Ideas: Read about these investment ideas that you can use now:
    • Quality stocks available cheap
    • Attractive blue chips
    • High dividend-yield stocks
    • Discount to book value
    • Reasonably priced growth stocks
  • Stock Analyst's Choice: Our regular scorecard of the stocks we've recommended since 2011 and their performance.

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