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How should I switch from regular to direct plans?

You can redeem regular plans in lumpsum and shift to direct plans

Does it make sense to redeem from the regular plan and invest that lumpsum into the direct plan of the same mutual fund? Which path should I take?
a. Start a new folio with direct plans, keeping the earlier folios as they are (increasing tracking overhead?)
b. Redeem earlier plans and invest lump sum into the direct plans and then continue SIP in direct folio (does lumpsum make sense?)

I had invested in Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity and ICICI Pru Discovery funds few years ago and stopped; did not redeem though. I would like to invest in them again in direct plans.
- Vaibhav

You can shift your money into direct plans in lump-sum and make future investments in direct plans only. Since this is not fresh money that you are investing in the markets but is already invested in equities, shifting all at one go is fine. Besides, since your investment is more than one year old, it wouldn't attract any tax liability.

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