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For safe and secure returns, where do I invest for 3 years?

Select a top rated fund and match your period of investments with maturity period of the bond fund

If I hold debt fund for more than three years, what will be the tax implications? For safe and secure investment, where do I invest for 3 years?
-Brajesh Shah

Debt fund investments held for more than three years are subject to long-term capital gains tax at the rate of 20 per cent after providing inflation indexation benefit on the original investment. Please note that only the gains component, after adjusting inflation, will be taxed.

Given your investment time horizon, we recommend you pick one or two good Debt: Short-term funds. Mutual funds do not guarantee returns or safety of capital, but there is little to worry about if you invest in short-term debt funds for 2-3 year time-frame.

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