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Canbank Mutual Declares Dividend in Three Schemes

Canbank Mutual Fund has declared dividends in three of its schemes - Cangilt (PGS), Canpremium (Roll Over) and Cancigo.

Cangilt (PGS) has declared a dividend of 2 per cent (Rs 0.20 per unit). The fund has paid an aggregate dividend of 29.25 per cent (including current declaration) since its launch in December 1999.

In the Canbank's balanced scheme - Canpremium (Roll Over), a dividend of 7.50 per cent (0.75 per unit) has been declared. This is the seventh dividend from the fund. It paid its last dividend (10 per cent) in December 2001.

Cancigo, a debt with marginal equity fund has declared a dividend of 9 per cent (Rs 0.90 per unit). This is the second dividend since its conversion into an open-ended fund in April 2001. The last dividend was of 6 per cent paid in October 2001.