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Should I buy a separate health cover?

You need to assess the coverage based on your lifestyle, your medical status, family history of medical condition, etc

I live in Mumbai with my wife. We both are 25. I don't have any dependents. I have a health insurance cover from my employer which covers me and my wife. Do I need a separate health insurance cover? If yes, how much? Which companies should I buy it from? Please also tell me how much will be the yearly premium.
- Pankaj Kishnani

You are already covered under the health insurance provided by your employer. This cover will serve you as long you are working with the same company. If you think you are going to leave job, you should go for a separate basic health family floater policy to ensure health insurance cover to you and your wife. If you are sure that you will get a health insurance cover even from your new employer, go for a Super Top Up policy. Apollo Munich Easy Health and ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance policy are recommended. Premiums under the policies will be ₹. 6438 and ₹5092 respectively.

A Super Top Up policy, as name suggests, is an add-on cover that will come into action once the claim amount exceeds a particular amount (deductible, in insurance lingo). Keep deductible limit equal to the basic health cover amount or the cover provided by your employer. Suppose you are covered for ₹3 lakh by your employer, choose deductible of 3 lakh and buy a super top up for additional ₹2 lakh. This will ensure a total cover of ₹5 lakh to you. The employer's health cover will take care of expenses up to ₹3 lakh and the super top up will take care of expenses above that amount. If you have a family history of chronic illness, go for a critical illness policy as well.

You need to assess the coverage required based on your lifestyle, your medical status, family history of medical condition, etc. However, you may go for a family floater cover of ₹3 to 5 lakh for now. Increase your cover as you get older.

You may go for Apollo Munich Optima Super. It is a special super top up plan that allows to change to a full fledged health insurance policy between 55 - 60 years without any deductible. The deductible applies to medical bills on policy year basis. Or, if you wish a super top up plan without conversion feature, you may go for United India Super Top Up. We are providing indicative premiums at your ages under both the policy. Remember these are indicative premiums, actual premiums will be decided at time of policy purchase.

Insurance PlanDeductible (₹)Sum Insured (₹)Annual Premium (₹)
Apollo Munich Optima Super3,00,0005,00,0003875
United India Super Top Up3,00,0005,00,0003700
United India Super Top Up3,00,0003,00,0002700
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