Micro-caps that Funds are Betting On

Mutual funds usually avoid small companies, but here are fourteen micro caps in which equity funds have significant holdings

Continuing with our constant analysis of mutual fund activity, we have come up with some tiny companies which form a part mutual fund portfolios. Usually MFs avoid very small companies, but we have found some interesting names which are even smaller than ₹200 crore in terms of market capitalisation. Tiny companies, as per Value Research, are the companies which are the bottom 1 per cent of the market cap of the listed universe. Following are 14 such companies where various MFs have significant holdings despite their tiny sizes.

Company NameMarket cap (₹cr)MF holding (% of equity)Revenue (₹cr)Net profit (₹cr)
Allsec Technologies383.3152-25
C&C Constructions598.71178-83
Commercial Engineers & Body Builders1212.02110-55
DQ Entertainment1881.5622121
Easun Reyrolle11712.2990-44
Globus Spirits1406.4553-3
Hindustan Dorr-Oliver1227.99377-297
Innoventive Industries735.03330-468
Manugraph India1005.66190-16
Mcdowell Holdings459.2112-6
Royal Orchid Hotels1148.79147-3
Tara Jewels15811.22171039
United Breweries1472.95427-2538

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