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Top Stock Picks of the Last 2 Years

Here are the top 10 performers from our stock recommendations over the last one-two years, along with their future outlook

The last two years have been a roller coaster ride for us investors. The Sensex has gained a handsome 42 per cent during this period. We, at Value Research, have seen the markets change from a sea of opportunities to a time when quality truly comes at a price.

In these two years, we recommended 35 stocks to you. Assuming you bought all the stocks recommended during this period, your portfolio would be up close to 50 per cent today.

We are pleased to say that 15 stocks from our recommendations are up 50 per cent or more and seven have already doubled your money.

We take you through our best recommendations of the past two years and discuss what you should do with the stocks which are already making handsome gains in your portfolio.

We recommend the following stocks:

  1. AIA Engineering

Watch out this space for other recommendations.