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What is cross sell discount?

Religare offers a discount on policy premiums to its existing customers, called the cross sell dicount

While going through the details of Religare Care plan on your Insurance page I noticed a discount offer of 10 per cent in case of cross sell. Could you please explain what offer is this and to whom is it applicable? I have a Demat account with the Religare group. Is it available to me? The 'Care Anywhere' feature on your website reads- 'allows to avail treatment anywhere in the world', while the prospectus mentions that 'All payments under this benefit shall always be made in India, in INR'. Please clarify.
-Kushal Singhania

Religare Health Insurance company offers a 'cross sell discount' at 10 per cent to its existing customers. Those who have an existing health insurance policy from Religare can avail this discount on premium. A demat account with Religare does not qualify you for this discount.

The 'care anywhere' feature of the policy allows you to avail treatment anywhere in the world- India or abroad. This means, at the time of treatment, you would need to pay the medical expenses from your pocket. The insurer shall reimburse your claim in India in the Indian currency.

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