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5 Steps to Stay on Course

Don't ignore your fund investments just because the markets are dull

Current times are surely testing even for the most seasoned of the investors. It's all too easy to lose hope and abandon all the accumulated experience of the yesteryears. But, will this be the sensible thing to do? Can you squander all previous understanding just because the current spell of below-par returns has lasted for way too long?

No. Absolutely not. This is what the current cover story of Mutual Fund Insight tells you. As is the norm, the tide will turn in coming days and you should have your portfolio in its best shape to make the most of those times.

Coming to the other stories, it's been almost an year since Sebi announced large-scale reforms in mutual funds in 2012. Our Fund Radar section features a story which shows how expense ratio has gone up across the board.

For our interview of the month, we have Ashish Ranawade, CIO, Union KBC Asset Management Company, talking about the need for the RBI and the government jointly maneuvering the future course of action.

Plus, there are all the special features regular features, Buy Sell Hold, The Plan and India's most comprehensive Mutual Fund Scorecard, and exclusive columns: Econology by Jay Dubashi, Of This and That by Sanjeev Pandiya and Economic Viewpoint by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta.

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