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Investments in mid and small cap funds

Mid and small cap funds should not be the core of your portfolio

I was investing Rs 1,000 monthly through SIP in Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund Retail Plan D since 2006 for five years. However, I have not redeemed my investment and continued for another one year. At present NAV of the said fund is Rs. 25.93 and my investment value is Rs 99,500. Should I continue my investment in this fund?
-Vilas Joshte

Reliance Equity Opportunities is a good mid and small-cap fund and has done well over long-term. It is currently a four-star rated fund. The fund also provided better downside protection than its peers. But if it is the only fund that you have invested in, we advise you to book your profits and switch to a Large-cap or Large & Mid-cap fund as mid-caps are the worst hit during market downturns. You can choose from funds like HDFC Top 200, Quantum Long Term Equity, Canara Robeco Equity Diversified.

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