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Sundaram Capex Opportunities hasn't done well. Exit this fund & invest in a diversified scheme...

I had invested in the Sundaram Taxsaver – D fund. The lock-in period is now over. I have also invested in Sundaram Capex Opportunities. I am suffering losses in both of these funds. What should we do?
- Nagrajan

Sundaram Capex Opportunities is one kind of an infrastructure fund, in a broad sense. And like most funds from this category, this one has also failed to do well. You shouldn't be more patient with this investment. Square up your losses and invest in a diversified equity fund.

On the other hand, Sundaram Taxsaver is a good, diversified fund. The losses in this fund might not be substantial, and could also be because of the dividends you've realised from it. You can hold onto this fund.

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