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Energising India

Promise and challenges throw tremendous investment opportunities in the energy sector...

In July this year, the nation suffered the world's biggest ever power outage as transmission networks collapsed turning over 20 states into darkness. Energy is a much needed resource to put India back on the growth trajectory. However, there are several reasons for where we stand today because we suffer from insufficient exploration, policy uncertainty, delays in approvals and unclear policy objectives.

Earlier this year the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) realised the importance of power and initiated several steps like restructuring the State Electricity Boards, ensuring fuel availability as far as coal is concerned, which is so vital for the sector. These steps will ensure that the much needed boost to the energy sector comes through. In the midst of all the action are companies in the energy space that despite the challenges offers several opportunities to investors.

To read in detail about the energy sector and the five stocks that play a vital role in the way the sector will pan out.....
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