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Deutsche Mutual Fund has remained focused on its debt offerings, but has failed to make a mark…

In its 10-year history, this AMC has mostly retained its focus towards debt offerings. Part of the global Deutsche Asset Management business, the fund house changed its name to suit the more prominent and known DWS Investments in 2006. Although the AMC has offerings across all categories, it has not been able to make a mark for itself with its offerings or product range. Two years ago, this AMC embarked on the path to work closely with its distributors to strengthen traditional channels and explore new alternatives, none of which is reflected in its operations.

The AMC lays equal emphasis on risk control, operational efficiency and investor servicing. The leverage of having a strong parentage has not been fully exploited when one looks at the domestic equity funds on offer. However, there are two international funds on offer – DWS Global Agribusiness Offshore and DWS Global Thematic Offshore – that have both fared well in recent years and merit mention. Overall, it has not lived up to its promise of building a strong presence and capitalising on growth opportunities available in the Indian market.