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Investments for 1 Year

For a period of 1 year, the sectoral funds & equity fund that you’ve picked are undesirable…

I am a new investor. I have shortlisted three schemes from Reliance Mutual Fund to invest in - Reliance Regular Savings Equity, Reliance Infrastructure and Reliance Banking. I want to invest for 1 year. Which fund should I select?
- Tushar

If you're investing for the first time in mutual funds and that too for a short period of 1 year, then investing in equity funds is undesirable. Furthermore, don't even think of going for thematic and sectoral funds. While Reliance Regular Savings Equity is a good fund, you shouldn't opt for it if you don't intend to invest regularly for 3-5 years. Hence, we would recommend that you invest in a good short-term bond fund, which are good vehicles to accumulate your savings over a short period of time.

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