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Reliance MF Introduces Trigger Facilities in open end schemes

Reliance Mutual fund has introduced trigger facilities in all open ended schemes with effect from July 05, 2012. Under these facilities, a stipulated amount would be transferred from one scheme to another in case trigger is activated.

Different types of trigger options
-NAV Reaches or Crosses a particular Value
Investor can indicate a particular value of NAV on crossing of which investor can exit.
-Change In the Value Of Units held by Unit Holders At Least By Certain Percentage
Trigger will be activated when the value of the unit holding Rises To Or Falls by the Percentage Specified by the investor.

On occurrence Of any of the above mentioned Events, unitholder can opt for the following :-
1). Full Redemption
2). Redemption To the extent Of Capital Appreciation Only
3). Full Switch into other eligible plan / scheme of Reliance MF
4). Switch of only the appreciation into other plan / scheme of Reliance MF.