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The current market is a very inappropriate time to stop or redeem your mutual fund investments

I have been investing via SIPs of Rs 2,000 each for the past 2 years in Reliance Growth, Reliance Equity Opportunities, Reliance Gold Saving, Sundaram Equity Plus, Sundaram Select Focus, Tata Pure Equity, Tata Equity Opportunity, and HDFC Top 200. So far, my portfolio’s returns are down by around 14 per cent. I am 56 years old and want to take a decision regarding my holdings as soon as I can.

Firstly, your portfolio is made up of too many funds. Secondly, since you have been investing systematically over the past 2 years, you should continue doing so at this point in time.
We understand that you don’t have a lot of time on hand, which is why we would have suggested you to invest in relatively conservative funds to begin with. But now, what you can do is modify your portfolio. You can talk to a financial advisor and stop the SIPs in a few of your funds. However, don’t stop completely investing right now, as this would be an extremely inappropriate time to stop or redeem your investments.

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