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Short-term Gold Investment

For a period of less than a year, consider a Gold ETF if you want to invest in gold…

I want to invest in gold for a maximum period of nine months. Can you suggest a fund?
-Swapnil K

Investing in gold is advisable only once you have a fully diversified portfolio and even then an allocation of not more than 5-10 per cent is suggested. For such a short period, you can consider a Gold ETF for which you will need a demat account. There is no difference in performance since they all are only dependent on the price of gold. You can check expense ratios. Alternatively, there are gold funds which invest in the Gold ETFs and do not require a demat account. On our website, www.valueresearchonline.com, you will find a category called ‘Gold: Funds’. There the entire list of gold funds available to investors can be accessed.

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