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Mutual fund investments should be driven by the amount that you’re able to set aside…

I want to invest in mutual fund through SIP; my monthly salary is Rs 20,000. Kindly suggest 3-4 mutual funds in all forms that I can invest in?
- Nikhil

Your move to invest in mutual funds through SIPs will go a long way, however, unlike life insurance where the quantum of cover is linked to income, among other factors, mutual fund investment should be driven by the amount that you are able to set aside for regular investing. Analyse your monthly cash flows for a few months to understand how much you can commit to investing before you start. Start SIP investment in a balanced fund such as HDFC Balanced or HDFC Prudence that have a proven track record and performance history and understand how SIP investments work and observe the progress of your investments before diversifying into a large- and large- and mid-cap fund.

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