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Navigate better with Nokia Maps with voice recording

Navigate better with Nokia Maps with voice recording

Navigating through the city is probably as hard as navigating through life itself. It's easier to get lost in today's steel and glass canyons than it is to, say, find the closest ATM. Which way do I go now to get somewhere and how much time does it take to get there? Well, even approximately would be good to know. Just some of the things made easily available on Nokia Maps. A simple application that works on your Nokia device even when you're out of coverage area.

Nokia Maps, with its voice-enabled, turn by turn navigation makes discovering new places and the best ways to get there a simple task rather than a boring chore. It's a simple download that gives you free walk and drive navigation across 78 countries. For added detail - because we know how annoying not having the full picture on your screen can be - touchscreen device users can pinch, spread, pan and swipe to move around every detail of maps.

Planning a tour is probably the lowest in our I-like list of things to do. You can check predicting weather off your list using the Weather feature. Trip Advisor and Expedia are on standby to ensure you get the right hotel at the right price. And there's Lonely Planet on board in case your hunger for a new place extends beyond the local cuisine and into culture, geography and language.

What else can it do? How about a break from boredom? Or loneliness? This map app can't get you new friends but it can help you connect to old ones in the same vicinity. Just share your location on Facebook using Check-in and presto! You're in a new city with your friends and oodles of time. What now? Go find find a restaurant serving your favourite cuisine using Burrp, watch a movie by locating theatres using Book My Show or just go club hopping using Events.

But here's the clincher, perhaps the coolest thing about Nokia Maps - you don't need to read the maps themselves. The voice recording option allows you to hear directions in your voice or that of a loved one. That's voice navigation and when you're away from home, it doesn't get more homely than that.

Makes you think, sometimes, it's worth leaving home.