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Declaration of Dividend for Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund has approved the declaration of dividend under the following schemes:

Scheme  Dividend(Per Unit Rs.)
Templeton India Income Opportunities-D 0.131
Templeton India Income-DQ 0.087
Templeton India Inc Builder A-DQ 0.131
Templeton India Inc Builder A-DH 0.307
Templeton India Inc Builder B-DQ 0.131
Templeton India Inc Builder B-DH 0.307
Templeton IGSF Composite-DQ 0.087
Templeton IGSF LT-DQ 0.087
Templeton IGSF Treasury-DQ 0.043
Templeton India ST Income Ret-DQ 8.784
Templeton Floating Rate Ret-DQ 0.131
Templeton India Low Duration-DQ 0.219
FT India MIP A-DQ 0.175
FT India MIP B-DQ 0.175
FT India Life Stage FoF 50s Plus FR-DQ 0.175
FT India Life Stage FoF 50s Plus-DQ 0.175

The record date is March 28, 2011.