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Investing For Different Goals

Split your goals & invest separately for each one of them to ensure you meet them when required...

I want to stay invested for the next 27 years up to my retirement at 60. I want to invest Rs 5,000 through SIPs for my various goals such as retirement, children education and the second home. I am aiming for Rs 2 crore corpus
- Pravin Phadke

For a 33-year old you are not too late to invest through SIPs in mutual funds. If your Rs 5,000 a month across funds earns an annualized 12 per cent you can achieve a Rs 1.2 crore corpus when you retie or Rs 2.22 crore if the same portfolio earns 15 per cent.

You should split your financial goals and mark out the corpus you need for each of them and the year in which you will need the funds; this way you will be investing for each goal than a collective pool. This will also need higher allocation for goals that are near and lower for those that are far away.

You come across as someone new to investing and should consider investing in balanced funds such as HDFC Balanced or Reliance Regular Savings Balanced for the next six months. This way you can experience mutual fund investing and how your investments grow. You can then shift to a large-cap fund such as DSPBR Top 100 Equity or Franklin India Bluechip and invest in it regularly. Make sure to track the progress of your investments to ascertain its performance and if it is reaching your desired goals, this way you can make any changes to your fund holdings if the need arises. You can also increase your monthly investments with time to achieve your goals in advance.

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