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Investing in Sector Funds

Include sector funds to supplement the core fund holdings

I had started investing in mutual funds with Religare Banking, Reliance Diversified Power Sector and UTI Infrastructure. Is this the right approach?
Ankit Bhatnagar

Sector and thematic funds are not the best way to construct a portfolio. Ideally, you should have started investing in a large-cap fund or a large- and mid-cap fund to build the core of your portfolio. Investing in sector and thematic funds comes later to supplement the core holdings in the portfolio. The infrastructure fund that you have is under water at present and there is a lesson for you based on this alone. You should invest regularly and not in limp sum and you should invest systematically over market and economic cycles to get the most out of your investments. Build a core portfolio that accounts for 70 per cent of your portfolio with diversified equity funds and supplement the rest with sector and thematic funds.

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