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SEBI Revises Result Disclosure

SEBI has already revised the format for publishing half-yearly results by the mutual funds within one month from the end of the half-year. The revised format gives meaningful information to the investors about the performance and operations of mutual funds including yields during the last half-year, one-year, 3 years and 5 years and since launch of the scheme.

In the meeting of the SEBI Board held on December 28, 2001, SEBI has made it mandatory that the mutual funds must publish half-yearly results for the second half year also while earlier the mutual funds had the option of publishing either half-yearly results or annual report within 2 months. On representation received from Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) and UTI, SEBI Board decided that the publishing of scheme wise annual report or abridged annual report in the newspapers would not be required now. However, the mutual funds would continue to send the annual report or abridged annual report to the unit holders. Further, the mutual funds would also display their scheme-wise annual report on their web sites. These web sites would also be linked with AMFI web site so that the investors and analysts can access the annual reports of all mutual funds at one place.