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Change in the Fund Managers: HSBC Mutual Fund

HSBC Mutual Fund has appointed Mr. Dhiraj Sachdeva as the new Senior Fund Manager, effective December 1, 2009.

Consequently, HSBC Mutual Fund has announced the following changes in fund managers :

Scheme  Fund Manager(s)
HSBC Equity Fund Mr. Jitendra Sriram
HSBC India Opportunities Fund Mr. Jitendra Sriram & Mr. Dhimant Shah
HSBC Progressive Themes Fund Mr. Dhiraj Sachdeva & Mr. Jitendra Sriram
HSBC Mid Cap Equity Mr. Dhiraj Sachdeva & Mr. Dhimant Shah
HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund Mr. Dhimant Shah & Aditya Khemani
HSBC Unique Opportunities Fund Mr. Dhimant Shah & Mr. Jitendra Sriram
HSBC Dynamic Fund Mr. Jitendra Sriram (Equity) & Sanjay Shah (Fixed Income)
HSBC Emerging Markets Fund Mr. Niren Parekh
HSBC Small Cap Fund Mr. Dhiraj Sachdeva & Mr. Dhimant Shah
HSBC MIP – Saving and Regular Plan Mr. Dhimant Shah & Aditya Khemani (Equity) Sanjay Shah (Fixed Income)