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Fidelity Mutual Fund: Appointment of Assistant Fund Managers

Fidelity Mutual Fund has notified the appointment of assistant fund managers with effect from September 11, 2009. The appointment will be as follows:

  1. Mr. Mahesh Chhabria
    Schemes: Fidelity Cash Fund, Fidelity Ultra Short Term Debt Fund

  2. Mr. Vikram Chopra
    Schemes: Fidelity Flexi Bond Fund, Fidelity Flexi Gilt Fund, Fidelity FMP Sr I, Fidelity Wealth Builder Fund - Plan A and Plan B

Both, Mr Mahesh and Mr Vikram have been with the fund house since 2006 as Credit Analyst and fixed income traders. Henceforth, they will manager the respective schemes along with Mr Sameer Kulkarni, the current fund manager for them.