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Prudential ICICI Income Plan Declares 6% Dividend

Prudential ICICI Income Plan declares 6% dividend

Prudential ICICI Asset Management Company Ltd. announced dividend for its Income Plan - Dividend Option. The Fund has declared a dividend of 6% or 0.60 Rupees per unit on the face value of Rs. 10 for the period ended September 21, 2001.

Prudential ICICI Income Plan - Dividend Option had an NAV of Rs.10.85 on September 21, 2001. Unit holders whose names appear in the register of Unit holders as on September 21, 2001 under the Dividend Option of the Income Plan will be eligible to receive dividend.

Dividend History of Income Plan
  Date  Rate
  30/06/1999 10.80%
  16/03/2000 8.40%
  25/09/2000 3.50%
  22/03/2001 5.50%
  21/09/2001 6.00%