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ABN AMRO Mutual Announces Fund Manager Changes

* Ms Sukanya Ghosh has been appointed as a dedicated fund manager in place of Mr. R. Sivakumar for all overseas investments by schemes of ABN AMRO mutual Fund including ABN AMRO China India Fund.
* Mr. K.C. Reddy will be the Fund Manager of ABN AMRO Opportunities Fund and ABN AMRO Future Leaders Fund
* Mr. Amit Nigam and Mr R.K. Sivakumar will be the fund managers of all series of ABN AMRO Multi Managers Fund
* Fixed Income Portfolio of ABN AMRO Monthly Income Plan will be managed by Mr. Alok Singh
* ABN AMRO China India Fund will be managed by Mr Amit Nigam and Mr Sukanya Ghosh

All the above mentioned changes will be effective from June 16, 2008.