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I want to invest Rs. 30,000 in an equity fund for six months and earn returns of about 20-25%. Please advice. Find out why such an investment scenario is similar to gambling

I intend investing Rs 30,000 in an equity fund for the next six months. I am looking at a 20-25 per cent return. My aim is to utilise this money for my wedding expenses. Please advise which funds to invest in.

With the markets on fire, it is difficult to sound convincing while answering such a query. But the truth is that equity markets are extremely volatile and risky in the very short term of six months to a year. That is not to say that a 20-25 per cent return is inconceivable. It has happened in the past. The Sensex returned an impressive 20 per cent during the September 2005 quarter (July -September) and again during the March 2006 quarter. But don't count on it. Such a strategy is nothing short of gambling. You might as well try your luck at the casino.

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