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A Less Taxing Technique

Spread the investment and don’t try to time the market

I wanted to save tax and for the purpose I selected the Canara Robeco Tax Saving Fund and the HDFC Taxsaver. I have already invested in these two funds and would like to invest more in them before March. I would like to know if I should invest in these two funds after the RBI’s monetary review and its stand on interest rates?

Do not try to time the market as no one is ever successful, which is what you are trying to do, if you are looking at what the RBI has done.

The suggestion to you would be to divide the money which you have invested in the market into three parts and invest it in three installments before March 31st.

The funds you have selected are excellent. The three year lock-in period that is mandatory will even out so there is no point in timing the market.

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